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Science Classes

  • Fun, hands-on, practical experiments
  • Kids learn at their own pace
  • Great for home-schoolers or as an online science tutor
  • Follows the Australian Curriculum
  • For secondary students
  • 1 Month FREE trial


Does teaching science to your home-schooling teenager overwhelm you? Is your child struggling to understand science at school?

Let Sue & CC help you out.

Practical, home-based science lessons that cover the Australian Curriculum. Sue & CC make teaching science easy and learning science fun.

Welcome to Science with Sue and CC

Are you a homeschooling parent and find you don't have the time or resources to teach science to your secondary kids as you would like to? Is your child struggling to understand the concepts being presented in secondary science at school and you don't want to have to pay hundreds of dollars a term for extra tuition.

Sue & CC have the solution


  • Elanor

    My son has really enjoyed science this year and has had the opportunity to do a larger variety of experiments and investigations that we usually don't have the time or inclination to do. Our moderator was very happy with the volume and quality of our work in Science and took note of the program to suggest to others. 

  • Monique (14 yrs)

    "I have really enjoyed doing Science with Sue & CC. I love their fun, easy to follow videos. Science used to be my least liked subject but now I love it thanks to Sue & CC's videos. They make science easy to remember and understand. Thank you!"

    Monique (14 yrs)
  • Anwen (12 yrs)

    "My favourite thing about Science with Sue & CC is that Sue makes everything fun to learn so its easy to learn it because we do it in a cool, fun way. It is easy to keep all my notes in a file so I have plenty to show my moderator each year."

    Anwen (12 yrs)

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